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35mm Gun 63/90 and Fire Control System 75/90

35 MM A/A Gun 63/90 (Enlargement in new window)Enlargement in new window
35mm Gun 63/90

The gun is automatically swiveled according to firing data supplied by fire control. By means of manual electronic control and sight with laser rangefinder and own computer the gun can be employed autonomously.

Weapontwin-barreled gun, gas operated
Effective operating rangeup to 4 km
Muzzle velocity1175 m/s
Firing rate550 rounds/min each barrel, total 1100 rounds/min each gun
Weight7700 kg (gun ready to fire; aggregate installed)
Ammunitionmine-incendiary cartridge, with base fuze
 mine incendiary cartridge, with instantaneous fuze, tracer
Firing unitOne fire control device and two 35 mm A/A guns


Fire Control System 75/90
Fire Control System 75/90 (Enlargement in new window)Enlargement in new window
Fire Control System 75/90

The fire control system 75, together with the 35 mm anti aircraft gun 63/90, constitutes a mobile all-weather fire control system for the defence against low-flying aircraft. The fire control system75 in the fire unit identifies, detects and tracks targets independently. The computed firing data are automatically transmitted to the guns.

RadarSearch and tracking radar, pulse radar
Weight5500 kg


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