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Swiss Air Force

Swiss Air Force’s Air Component Command (ACC)

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The Swiss Air Force ACC reached operational status on January 1st 2006. Its Commander–in-Chief, Major General Bernhard Müller External website. Content opens in new window welcomes you on this website and thanks you for your interest in the tasks and products of the ACC.


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The main missions of the Swiss Air Force encompass:

  • Protect Switzerland’s airspace
    • guaranteeing air defence
    • guaranteeing air sovereignty (including air policing tasks)
  • Carry out air transport operations
  • Gathering and disseminate intelligence for our political and military leadership



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In this context, the ACC guides all live- (i.e. non training) missions such as Search-and-Rescue with FLIR equipped Puma helicopters, protection of international summits, such as the World Economic Forum or the G8, interceptions on diplomatic flights and more.


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The vast range of products is continuously adapted to the needs of the partners of the Swiss Air Force; the Armed Forces, the civil population, the police and others.


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Distributed across several airfields and installations throughout Switzerland, six air base commands ensure readiness and availability of all assets required for operation and training of the Swiss Air Force. Their main missions are daily operation of the military airfields, the command and telecommunication facilities as well as the entire infrastructure. In agreement with the civilian armament enterprise RUAG Aviation they guarantee repair work and in-field maintenance of the air force's special equipment. Training of unit specialists as well as the safeguarding of air force interests towards authorities and population are further areas of interest.


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