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Swiss Air Force

Meiringen Air Base

Aerial photo from the military airfield Meiringen (Enlargement in new window)Enlargement in new window

Welcome to Air Base Command Meiringen at the
Meiringen-Unterbach Air Base



Officially, the Meiringen Air Base was first operational on 1 December 1941. Its opening coincided with the year 1941 of the Second World War, a time when things looked pretty grim for Switzerland's further existence. Where do we stand today? What events have since characterised the development of this air base? One thing is sure, the differences between then and today are huge. Many things have proved their worth und have the same value today as in the past, but much has had to be adapted to the present time. Take your time to learn more about Meiringen Air Base Command and the daily tasks of its staff at the air base.


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Last updated: 09.05.2016
Badge Meiringen Air Base Command


Flugplatzkommando Meiringen
CH-3857 Unterbach

Tel. +41 58 461 64 64
Fax +41 58 461 64 74

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